Chalk Paint Chair Makeover

Makeover an old thrift shop chair into a new pretty seat

I had found this lovely little chair at a local thrift shop earlier this summer.  I know the seat was ripped and a few worn spots in the frame, but there was nothing else wrong with this chair, it was a solid seat.

Chalk Paint Chair Makeover - Before

First thing I did was remove the upholstered seat, which was just a matter of unscrewing 3 screws from underneath the chair.  Then, I was left with the frame and got to work on it first.  Since it was such dark wood, I primed the chair frame first using some primer I had on hand…I honestly can’t remember if it was Kilz or Zinsser, because I have both.  After the primer, I gave the chair two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

Chalk Paint Chair Makeover - after paint

Chalk Paint Chair Makeover - after paint (2)

Once I had the chair painted, I gave it a light sanding all over, using an extra fine sanding block.  Then, I knew I wanted to lightly distress, so I used a piece of 220 sandpaper in certain spots to let the wood peak through.

Chalk paint chair makeover - after distressing close up

After the distressing, I wiped the whole chair down to prepare it for a coat of wax.

Chalk paint chair makeover - after distressing before wax

I used Minwax’s Finishing Paste in Natural.  It works like a charm.

Chalk paint chair makeover - after waxing

Waxing helps protect the paint, and it also highlights all the details, like the distressed spots.  Since the frame of the chair was done, I moved on to reupholstering the seat.

Chalk paint chair makeover - old upholstered seat

I knew when I got this chair that reupholstering would be relatively easy.  I always inspect underneath the chairs before buying to see what I’m getting myself into.

Chalk paint chair makeover - removing old upholstery

I used the flat head screwdriver to loosen the staples and then the pliers to pull them out.  This fabric wasn’t stapled too many places, so it was simple.

Chalk paint chair makeover - old upholstery removed

The foam was in good shape, so I kept it and just got out my fabric.  I had bought this Waverly fabric at Lancaster Creative Reuse, for only $1.00.

Chalk paint chair makeover -waverly fabri

I flipped the seat over onto the fabric and trimmed the fabric to closer to the size.  Then, I went to work stapling…I didn’t take pictures of each step because it was so quick and easy.  I always start stapling on one side, go to the opposite side and staple and then do the same on the other two sides.  I left the four corners for last so that I could make them nice and tight and eliminate any creases.

chalk paint chair makeover - new upholstery underneath

chalk paint chair makeover - new upholstery stapling up close

The chair itself was technically done as soon as I reattached the seat.

chalk paint chair makeover - chair after

But I had this piece of coordinating fabric that I bought at the same time, so I decided to make a pillow out of it too.

chalk paint chair makeover - pillow fabric

The fabric wasn’t quite large enough to cover a whole pillow, so I used it just for the front.  I pulled some cream colored fabric from my stash to use for the back.  I was planning to make an envelope style pillow case, so I cut the striped fabric to 16 x 16, which was the size of the pillow.  I cut the cream fabric to 16 x 20, so that I would have the extra 4 inches for overlap in the back.  I cut the cream fabric in half of 2 – 10″ sections.

chalk paint chair makeover - pillow front and back fabric cut

So that my envelope seams that would show were finished, I ran a straight stitch (well as straight as I can sew) on one side of each piece of the cream fabric.  I laid the fabrics with the right sides in and the two sewn sides overlapping in the middle.

chalk paint chair makeover - layering for envelope pillow

Then, I pinned the whole way around the fabric so I could sew all 4 sides.

chalk paint chair makeover - fabric pinned for pillow

After a little bit of fighting with my sewing machine…we aren’t always friends ;) I got all 4 sides sewn and flipped the pillow case right side out.

chalk paint chair makeover - sewed envelope pillow with plain back

I stuffed my pillow in the case and put it on the chair to take some pretty pictures of the finished product.

chalk paint chair makeover - After with pillow

This beauty is for sale at Thrifty Elegance…if you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen it in shop.

Have you ever reupholstered a chair?  I seem to have a thing for chairs, and love giving them a new life.









Fresh New Wall Art – Wallternatives Decals

This is a sponsored collaboration post with Wallternatives. I only advocate products or services I personally use or believe will be good for my readers.

Wallternatives - hanging framed decals and shelves

I’m always looking for ways to create my own wall art, because buying wall art is just really expensive!  Our house tends to have less wall hangings than most.  One reason is because Bob and I take our good ‘ole time on agreeing on wall art, and the second reason is cost.  I’m not going to spend a fortune on something unless we really love it.  Now, for my pretty new wall art, Bob’s  opinion didn’t really matter much since it is hanging in my Craft Room, which is my space with (almost) free reign.  But, after I showed him the pictures, he did say it was pretty.  :)

But, let’s get to the point, how did I make my pretty new wall art.  I’ve had this empty frame for years.

Wallternatives - empty frame before

It was a natural wood…ages ago I had spray painted it, but never did anything with it.  For this project, I decided to give it a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White, and then dry brushed some French Linen on it.  I’ll admit, I need to practice my dry brushing skills, but for this project, I was fine with the less than perfect look.  I had nothing to go in my frame.  It used to house a cork board, which I had removed long ago to wrap in fabric and use as a memo board.  Since it was a cork board, I didn’t have glass in that size either.  I went to Lowe’s to search for the cheapest material I could find to use in my frame.  My dimensions for the inside of the frame were 17.5 x 27.5, not a normal size.  I thought that lauan might be my best bet and it was.  If you are not familiar with lauan, it is a very thin plywood.  You can get it in big sheets, but Lowe’s also had it in 2′ by 2′ and 2′ by 4′ pre-cut pieces.  I had to go with the 2×4 size, and then had them cut it to my exact dimensions.  It was $6 and change for this piece of lauan.

Wallternatives - plain luan

I gave the lauan a coat of white paint.  I used Olympic One, because I had that on hand and it is paint and primer in one.

Wallternatives - painted luan

Now, that I had my fresh, white surface it was time to make it pretty.  For this project, I used Wallternatives Designer Decals.  They have a variety of different products, but I just fell in love with this floral set.  I got the flowers in yellow, teal and gray.

Wallternatives - floral decals

There are actually 2-3 of each color, so I have leftovers for another project.  The flowers were perfectly sized for my long and thin frame.

Wallternatives - layered floral decals

Since I was layering my flowers, I started with applying the biggest one first.  I followed most of the directions on the Wallternatives website to make sure I had a good application.  I was a little too quick on the application and had a few wrinkles in the yellow flower, but it was pretty easily smoothed out.  It isn’t perfect, but good enough.

Wallternatives - Applying decal up close

I used the same process to apply each of the colors.

Wallternatives - applying second decal

The teal and gray were applied flawlessly.

Wallternatives - all decals applied

Once I had my decals applied, all I did was pop it into my frame.  Since I had the lauan cut to my measurements, it was a perfect fit.  It is so snug, I didn’t even do anything to secure it in there.

Wallternatives - luan in frame

I just hung it on the wall and stood back to admire it.

Wallternatives  - framed decals on painted luan

I really like the pops of color it adds to my Craft Room.

Wallternatives - hanging in craft room

What would you do with the decals?  I considered applying them directly to the side of my desk to add some excitement.








A Tour through Blogland at Puddy’s House

Happy Monday!  I’ve seen many tours through Blogland posted lately, and when Amy at Always Never Done asked me to participate, I jumped at the chance! Amy and I have basically been on this blogging journey together, ever since we went to our first Haven Conference and got the bug to change from just DIYers to also bloggers.  We’ve been to all three Haven Conferences together and had a blast each year!! 1-Haven Collage So, on this Blogland tour, I’m going to tell you about Amy and also introduce you to two other bloggers, Heather from Queen of Everything and Lori at The Stonybrook House. First up is Amy at Always Never Done. Amy head-shot-2 Amy has been blogging for over a year, and she is a self-proclaimed garage-sale maniac.  Her tag line is, “Updating renovating and thrifting that never ends,” and it’s true.  She has so many great projects to share.  Her most recent was this drawer turned jewelry holder. old-drawer-Jewelry-Holder-780x431 She’s also started to dabble in some recipe sharing, and recently shared this healthy dish: Green-Squash-Tomato-Bake-Always-Never-Done-17-780x985 So, now it’s time to talk about me…ugh…I really hate writing/talking about myself, but here goes nothing!  I’ve been blogging just over two years, and I really enjoy it.  I’ll admit, every now and then I need a little break (just look at the last two weeks or so…no new posts).  Before I would feel guilty about it, but now I realize it’s just the way my life goes.  I work full-time as a Human Resources Manager, so my blog is my fun.  I love yard sale and thrift shopping, so you see many of my finds and then what I do with them.  Creating is my outlet.   Besides DIY, I like crafts, and really love scrapbooking.  I get a great sense of satisfaction seeing the finished product, no matter what it is.  I’ve recently started to sell my projects and yard sale finds at a local thrift shop, and it has been so much fun!  It gives me even more purpose in my Saturday morning yard sale rituals. What am I working on now? Right now, I have what feels like a million projects in process!  I’m almost finished with a desk, have a console table, 2 chairs, a shelf, and framed wall art all in process.  It’s a good thing I got to take over our basement unfinished area and turned it into my workspace.  Yeah, this is the basement workspace before I really started working in it now…now you can barely move around I have so much furniture in there! 1-basement workspace collage How does my work differ from those in my genre? I don’t think I really  have one genre…I post whatever I feel like.  I don’t stick to purely DIY.  I throw in some crafts, some life, recipes, and even some travel.  I think that is what makes me different. Mexico - Akumal turtle Why do I write/create the way I do? I write the way I talk and the way I am.  I create what I like.  I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m just me. :) How does my writing/creative process work? I go a mile a minute, and I thrive on deadlines and procrastination.  Just like this post….it is now 8:20 pm on the day I’m supposed to publish it and I’m still writing!  I always think I do my best work under pressure, so that’s how I operate.  If I have too much time to think about things, I tend to spin my wheels and not get nearly as much done.  Sometimes, I don’t really have a choice though, with a full-time job, I don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to creating and writing.  I’m also not a night owl at all, so I’m not willing to give up sleep for any of the fun stuff.  It’s actually getting close to bedtime now. Ok, enough about me, let’s talk about Lori and Heather. First up is Heather, Queen of Everything. Heather-187x300 Hey y’all! I’m Heather from Queen of Everything, and Leslie invited me to participate in her tour through blogland this week. I’ve been blogging in some capacity for about 7 years, back before it was cool. I recently branched out on my own and started Queen of Everything from the ground up after being in a group blog for about a year – so it has definitely been a learning experience, but I have somehow managed to do it all myself! I’m a late night crafter, sometimes DIYer, always sarcastic, sweet tea (vodka) drinking, goofy girl. I’m not afraid to keep it real, because let’s be honest – most things I make do not turn out perfectly! You should also know that I am not a perfectionist when it comes to crafting and DIY. Or really anything. I write like I talk, and I’ll let you be the judge on whether or not that is a good thing! I live with my husband and two dogs in Fort Worth, Texas. We’re hoping to make a big move to Austin next year, which will (obviously) provide tons of blog fodder. Isn’t that why bloggers do everything? I kid, I kid. See, there’s that sarcasm I warned you about. Y’all come see me sometime over at Queen of Everything! I pulled two of Heather’s recent projects just to show you some of the eye candy she has on her blog.  Heather made these neat clothespin photo frames. queen of everything clothespin frames And, updated this beautiful stereo cabinet. Front-view-Queen-of-Everything Next up is Lori at The Stonybrook House. lori stonybrook house Hi I’m Lori from The Stonybrook House. I’m a 40 something or other, that is a follower of Christ and has been married to my best friend for 26 yrs. I was so blessed to have the privilege to stay home with my kiddos for the past 20+ years, but now they are grown and Hubby and I are thoroughly enjoying our empty nest! I started this blog because I wanted something for me, an expression of who I am and what I do, as if running our home and managing apartments we co-own wasn’t enough. I like to blog about all the things that go on at The Stonybrook House, from decorating, organizing, cooking, gardening, and sewing to My Fashion over 40. I can’t say that I like to do only one thing… I really enjoy a bit of everything! Being so busy with life and our business, I am finally making time to paint and decorate. Always so little time, with so much to do! And, for a little flavor of Lori’s posts, check out her freshly painted, light and bright dining area. lori painted walls Lori’s My Fashion over 40 posts are always fun to see too.  I absolutely love her most recent outfit. lori fashion over 40 So, now you have met 3 other bloggers in the fun and fabulous world of blogland!  I hope you’ll visit all of them and find some new inspiration.  And visit Heather and Lori next week as they continue the Blogland Tour.

Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

Bob and I just returned from a great week of vacation!  We spent part of the week at the beach and part at home and it was just wonderful to have a slower pace for a while.  I really did enjoy it.  Today was back to reality and work though!!

1-Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

I finished this dresser up a little while ago, but it was hiding out in my basement workspace which isn’t good for photos.  So, today we brought it upstairs for some pictures before it makes it way to my booth space at Thrifty Elegance.

This dresser started out as your typical chest of drawers.  It is very good quality furniture though.  I got it from my friend at work as they were emptying out a relative’s home.

chalk paint dresser makeover - before

I knew what I wanted to do with it right away.  I removed the hardware and got to work.  I started with a coat of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Graphite.  I put a thin coat of the graphite on the whole dresser…I didn’t have much of this color, it was just a sample pot that I had already used for another project.

After the graphite dried, I applied 2 coats of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Cream.  Sorry for the lack of in process photos…I somehow overlooked taking any!  After the Cream dried, I took some fine sandpaper and distressed in certain areas.  I cleaned all of the sanding grit from the dresser and then applied a coat of Minwax’s Finishing Paste in natural.  It was the first I used this wax, and I liked it.  It went on quite easily and gave a very nice finish when I buffed it with a clean t-shirt.

The hardware got a few coats of Valspar spray paint in Brushed Nickel.  After that dried, I reattached the hardware and it was complete.

chalk paint dresser makeover

chalk paint dresser makeover 3

chalk paint dresser makeover 4

chalk paint dresser makeover 2

chalk paint dresser makeover (2)

It turned out just as I envisioned.  What do you think….do you like the fresh new look?

Celebrating Year Two

Today marks my second blogging anniversary!  Sometimes I can’t believe how fast time goes, and then sometimes I feel like I’ve been blogging forever.  I feel that way when I think how far I’ve come since I wrote my first post.  The fun part is to look back on it all.   I enjoy having my blog as a place for me to keep memories of our progress we’ve made in our home and the projects I’ve done.  But, I definitely don’t write and share just for me…I share for all of you!!  I only hope that I inspire someone to make something or update something they have for the first time. I found that inspiration from other bloggers and it is my goal to do the same for you.  So, if I have inspired you and you have a success to share (or a failure with a funny story ;) ) please share with me…it could inspire someone else, or just give us a laugh.

Daisies-create inspire enjoy

I was thinking about what was different in year two of blogging versus year one, and I don’t have anything that really jumps out at me.  One difference during 2014 has been based on my effort to Thrive. I thought today was a good time to check in and let you know how I’m doing.


One of the first aspects was thriving in my career as a Human Resources Manager.  I think this year that is happening.  I’m pushing myself professionally to learn and grow.  I applied for and was accepted into a program called Leadership Lancaster, which begins this Fall and I’m excited for that opportunity to develop personally and professionally as well as for the connections to the community.

Mexico Palm tree beach

As far as for the blog and the ideas in my head at the beginning of the year…it took a while but they are finally happening.  I wrote in at least one of my recent posts that my project was going to be for sale.  Well, this was my intention early in the year…I wanted to sell some of my projects, but I wasn’t sure how, when or where.  Tomorrow marks the official start of my selling.  I will have a booth at a local thrift shop, Thrifty Elegance.  I’m excited to have it all set up.  I’ve been working over the last few months to collect items for sale, some are just items I found and will resell and others I’ve updated with a new look, and yet other items are my creations (everything pictured below is for sale).  If you are local, I hope you’ll stop by and check it out.  The owners and other people with booths have great items for sale too!

1-thriftyelegance pieces

Conferences were other aspects of my goal to Thrive.  I attended BlogU and Haven Conference.  They were two quite different experiences, and both valuable to me.  I learned so much, and I am slowly but surely implementing my newfound knowledge here at Puddy’s House.  I also had lots of fun at the conferences.  These are just two of the silly pictures from Amy and I at BlogU.


Personally, I’ve done my best to thrive too.  I can’t say stress hasn’t creeped in here and there, but overall I have not been nearly as stressed as I have at other times in my life.  I’ve really done well at leaving my work at work and enjoying my time at home. I’ll admit to being a bit spoiled this year with my time off and travels – I got to go to the spa with my friends, had days off that I worked on projects, and Bob and I traveled to Mexico.  We still have a summer trip to the beach to look forward to and a long weekend in the Finger Lakes.  Puddy gets to go along for both, so he’ll be happy too! :)


I hope you will continue to follow along in my journey here at Puddy’s House.  I appreciate all the visitors, comments and followers that I have.


Two Tray Makeovers

1-Two Tray Makeovers header

I had these two trays and they both desperately needed a makeover.  The white tray was an old  yard sale find that I had previously spray painted white, but that was back when we had a wooden coffee table in the living room.  With the new living room furniture the white tray didn’t really look pretty on the new end table, so I decided it needed a new look.  My first thought was spray paint because that worked for me before.

Tray makeoveres - white tray before spray paint

I gave it a few coats of this Rustoleum spray paint and it was quite bright.

Tray Makeovers - white tray after spray paint

So, then I decided it needed to be lightened up a bit.  I had a sample size of Valspar’s Spring Green paint.  I brushed on a few coats of that.

Tray makeover -  tray after valspar spring green paint

Still wasn’t a look that I wanted, so then I decided to add another layer.  This time, I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Aubusson blue.  I was definitely using all the various paint types and brands that I had in the house! For my first coat of blue, I tried to just lightly apply it to see what look I got….not a look I wanted.

Tray Makeovers - tray after aubusson blue chalk paint

So, I went ahead and added a second coat of blue.

Tray makeovers - tray after two coats aubusson blue chalk paint

I liked the blue, but I wanted to see part of spring green too, so I took the tray outside and used a bit of sand paper to distress it by hand.

Tray makeovers - tray after distressing

Now, that was more the look I was going for.  I finished this tray with a coat of Annie Sloan Dark Wax.

Tray Makeovers - tray after dark wax close up

The tray definitely doesn’t blend into the end table anymore!  Plus, I think the hints of spring green look good with the lamp.

Tray Makeovers - tray on end table

It still just holds the remotes and coasters, but it looks a little prettier. :)

Tray makeovers - tray after on end table close up

The second tray was a much simpler process.  I started with the plain tray that I got quite a while ago, either at a yard sale or thrift shop.

Tray makeovers - dark tray before

Sorry for the bad before picture….it was in my basement work area, which does not have the best lighting.  I removed the glass and took the screws out of the sends to that I could work on all the sections at once.  For this tray, I chose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite and then followed it up with a coat of Dark Wax.  Then, came the fun part.  I wanted to put pretty scrapbook paper inside the oval frame.  I pulled out several pieces and tried different ones to see what I liked best.

Tray makeovers - second scrapbook paper option

I liked a few of them, but ultimately decided on the one in the tray below.

Tray makeovers - after paint and wax choosing scrapbook paper

Once I put the glass back in the tray, it became challenging for pictures again.  But, I still really like the updated look.

Tray makeovers - dark tray after - chalk paint-dark wax - scrapbook paper

Do you have a plain tray around your house that could use a new look?





Haven 2014

If you have been reading Puddy’s House for a while, you know that my blog was created after attending the Haven Conference in 2012.


Haven is like the mecca for DIY bloggers.  I had to go back in 2013, and of course returned again this year.  The conference is held for 3 days in Atlanta, and if you happen to be in that hotel, it seems it is taken over by (mainly) women for the weekend.  I always feel like Haven is so hard to summarize, and I go into it thinking I’ll take all these great pictures that will show what it is really like, but alas, I don’t have tons of great pictures to share!  And, I also think to non-bloggers Haven might not be that interesting, but I feel it is important to share because it is a highlight of my year!

This year, the keynote speaker was Chip Wade from HGTV.  I got a seat close to the front so that I was sure to get a picture, problem is he moves around A LOT when he speaks, so I really on have this one because he stopped moving while he played a video highlighting one of the projects on his new show, Elbow Room.

Haven - Chip Wade

I haven’t watched his show yet, but the projects he shared were inspiring and a great reminder to do things that function well in your home for how you use your home.  As soon as he was done speaking, we basically ran right up front to get a picture with him and it’s not the best, but we got  the picture!!

Haven - les jess amy shanna with Chip Wade

With me is, Jessica from Gourley Girl and Guy, Amy from Always Never Done and Shanna from Restoration Redoux.

After our Chip Wade stalking was over, it was time to get serious.  I attended great sessions over a 2-day period.  I took a variety of sessions in order to learn and improve in different areas, so I made sure that I covered the areas of DIY, design and many different aspects of blogging.  My head was swimming!  I took so many notes and I am slowly working on a plan to implement them.

1-Haven Collage

Besides getting an education, I also had the opportunity to meet with the brands that sponsored Haven.  Many of the sponsors had interactive booths and contests, so Amy and I took some fun pictures.  But, meeting with the brands is also a serious aspect of Haven.  I wanted to connect with brands that I already know and love, but also discover new brands that I wanted to learn about and decide if there are products they make or opportunities they have that will help me in my projects and blog.  When we registered for Haven, we picked up our swag bag, which was stuffed pretty full, but then I also picked up other products and information from the sponsors, so this is everything that came home with me.  It was a fun effort to get it home on the plane, but everything made it safely.  I can’t wait to use some of the products and build the gifts from Home Depot.

Haven - Swag

Every night, we had a fun party to relax and have a good time with the other bloggers.  It was great to have the time to get to know bloggers that I only know from the internet in real life!  Makes me feel a little less like a stalker and more like I know them.

Haven - Leslie Kim Amy

Amy was my travel companion again this year, so that is why she is in basically all of my pictures.  Home Depot and Ryobi threw us a great party on the last night, so we had to get a picture with their fun backdrop.  With Amy and I is Kim from The Kim Six Fix. Kim is one of the bloggers I met last year and have stayed in contact with her all year, so it was fun to hang out in person again.   I also had fun with a few of the other bloggers that I talk to reguarly online and finally had the chance to spend time with them in person:  Charlotte from Ciburbanity, Bee from Windgate Lane, Melody from My Passion for Decor and Anne from Anne Thompson Designs.  And, I met tons of new to me bloggers that I can’t wait to continue the conversations with throughout the year and see them at Haven next year!

When Haven ended last year, they challenged us to “Do good on a grand scale” and this year they are going to make it happen.  Haven is partnering with Habitat for Humanity for Hands of Haven on July 26th.


Bloggers will be volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, shopping Habitat restores, or  just proudly wearing the t-shirt in support of Hands of Haven.  I’m proud to be part of such a wonderful group of bloggers.

I am already anxiously awaiting Haven 2015!  But, after such a full weekend, I was glad to return home to Bob and Puddy.  This is the one picture I got from Bob while I was away; it has a sneak peak of our new shed in it.

Haven - puddy at home

DIY Plant Stand Makeover

1-DIY Plant Stand Makeover

I had this little plant stand around the house, and while we used it many places before it wasn’t in use anymore, so I decided to give it a makeover.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover - before

When we first moved into our house, Bob had this plant stand and it was unfinished.  I had the great idea to stain it, but I choose too light of a stain, so I never really liked it.  It was the perfect candidate with an update of some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I started with Aubusson Blue.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover - aubusson blue annie sloan

If you have never used Chalk Paint before, the beauty of it is that you don’t need to sand or prime first, so it makes it faster and simpler to update with a fresh coat of paint.  I put one coat of blue on the plant stand.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover - After aubosson blue

It definitely wasn’t enough coverage if I was leaving it blue, but I wasn’t.  I was going for a layered look.  So, next I applied Annie Sloan Cream.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover - Annie Sloan Cream

I applied two coats of the Cream all over the stand.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover - After 2 coats of Annie Sloan Cream

At this point, there was not much blue peaking through anymore.  So, I took it outside and began to distress it to show some of the blue.  I used a fine grit sand paper and just sanded certain areas.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover - distressed

Now, you could see the layers of paint and even some original wood.  Next up was a coat of Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  I applied it allover the stand with a clean cloth and then buffed immediately with the cloth.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover - Annie Sloan Dark Wax added

It really gave this simple little piece of furniture some character.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover - after top

I really like how you can see all of the layers at different points.  It was fun to really change the look with just some paint and wax.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover - after up close

Since it is technically a plant stand, I tried it with a plant on it first.  I actually think this is the plant that we used to sit on it.

DIY Plant Stand Makeover -with plant

I think it looks cute with a little beachy vignette too.

1-DIY Plant Stand Makeover - beach vignette

This was my first furniture piece using wax and it was easy to use and gave me good results.  I’m sure I’ll be using it again.  Have you updated anything with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax?



Ugly to Pretty Version 2.0

A few months ago, you may recall that I shared the ugly to pretty chairs and when I ended that post I only had one finished, which had a mistake to fix and I had messed up the other one.  Well, these chairs tried to get the best of me!!  I never was able to find more fabric to match the first chair, so I went ahead and bought some new fabric.  I reupholstered the one chair and loved it.  I also made a few minor adjustments to my process along the way that made it a better finish.  Well, after I had the one done, I decided that the improvements and fabric were better so I ripped the old one apart and made a matching set.

DIY Chair Makeovers

The main revision was in how I reupholstered around the arms, so I will show that part here.  For the other aspects, visit the first version here. I used the old fabric as my template and cut it out and then laid it on the chair.

ugly to pretty chair - fabric in place

I learned my lesson from before and did not cut the slits for the arms until it was on the chair, and even then I did one at a time.  But first I added extra fabric at the base of each arm.

ugly to pretty chair - fabric around arm step 1

Then, I cut the fabric in the middle of the arm.

ugly to pretty chair - fabric around arm step2

I tucked the fabric around the foam of the seat.

ugly to pretty chair - fabric around arm step3

Then, I rolled the edges over and stapled at the base.

ugly to pretty chair - fabric around arm step 4

When I attached the trim around the arms, I attached it to the fabric and not the wooden arm.  I did not do this right the first time and when you sat on the chair it ripped the trim from the arm.  With the trim attached to the fabric it easily slides as you sit in the seat.

ugly to pretty chair - trim around arm

Then, I glued trim the whole way around the base of the fabric to hide the remaining staples and the chairs were done.

ugly to pretty chairs finished

I really love them.

ugly to pretty chair version 2 with pillow

So, just to refresh your memory of the before and after.

Ugly to Pretty before and after

What do you think…do you like the new version?  Have you ever had a project that felt never ending?

As much as I love this pair of chairs (now that they are done), I am selling them, so if you are local and interested in buying the chairs, please let me know.


DIY Patriotic Wreath


DIY Patriotic Wreath header

If you’ve been around Puddy’s House for any length of time, you know I have a thing for making wreaths.  The idea for this patriotic wreath came when I had my fabric purchases in hand in the checkout line at Jo-Ann Fabrics and I spotted these bright red flowers and the nearby sign that said 70% off.  I quickly cut out of line and went over and grabbed the red flowers and hopped back in the checkout line….this was all on my lunch break, so it was quick!   I knew I had some of the blue hydrangeas and plenty of white flowers at home, so I thought combining them for a patriotic wreath would be nice for all the summer patriotic holidays.

DIY Patriotic Wreath - red white and blue flowers

I took the multiple flower options and a empty grapevine wreath.

DIY Patriotic wreath - bare grapevine

And, I started with some of the larger flowers of all the colors.

DIY Patriotic Wreaht - first step

Definitely wasn’t working…the flowers were all too big.  I dug out some smaller white flowers, and I also found another wreath in my stash.

DIY Patriotic Wreath - additional flowers to use

I wasn’t planning to use the wreath, just the little white flowers.  So, I disassembled the wreath, which was easy as the stems were just stuck in and occasionally wire tied to the grapevine.  After I added some smaller flowers and changed it up a bit, I thought the wreath was looking pretty good.

DIY Patriotic Wreath - all flowers added

It is always hard for me to tell when I’m working on it, especially now that I’m working in the basement…the lighting isn’t as good as I would like.  But, the basement space is certainly nice for the messes I tend to make. ;)  So, I carried the wreath upstairs and hung it on the door to check it out.

DIY Patriotic Wreath - close up flowers

I was pretty pleased with it.  Bob thought maybe it could use something on the other side.  I did try adding a flag and even adding ribbon and patterned fabric and didn’t like either.  I still may add something on the other side, if I find the right thing.

DIY Patriotic Wreath - all flowers

But, for now I like it.

DIY Patriotic Wreath - on door

So, what do you think, would you add something to the other side?  If so, any ideas?