Extra {Pretty} Easter Seating

We only had one folding chair in our house, and it looked like this:

Folding Chair Makeover - blue chair Before

This chair was from before I bought a step ladder and would frequently use it to paint!  Needless to say, when we have family over, it was not my go-to chair for extra seating.  Somehow we have always had plenty of chairs, just by pulling them from other areas of the house, even if we had 16 people for dinner….I guess that’s why Bob had me on “chair buying probation.”  I just love chairs and giving them a new look.  So, when I saw these folding chairs at Goodwill, I really wanted them.

Folding Chair Makeover - Before

They were $4.97 each and I questioned the purchase, so I didn’t buy them.  But, when I told Bob about them and that I thought they would be nice for extra seating for big family dinners, he agreed it was a good idea.  So, I rushed back to Goodwill the next day and bought them.  I was so happy they were still there, because in my head they already had a pretty new look.  And, I have to say that they turned out even better than I imagined.

Folding Chair Makeover - Before and After

Since I was getting the paint out, I decided to give that old blue chair a fresh coat too.

Folding Chair makeover - blue before and after logo

For the blue one, I did sand it a bit first just to get the paint drips a little smoother.  For the padded chairs, I had to remove the cushions first. This was easily done by unscrewing a few screws on the back of the chair and under the seat.

Folding Chair Makeover - chair back screws

Folding Chair Makeover - chair seat screws

I was left with just the metal chairs.  I set them up outdoors on my drop cloth and boards.  This is my spray paint “shop.”  I’m sure the neighbors love it!! ;)

Folding Chair Makeover - chairs ready to be painted

I used my favorite paint, Rustoleum Heirloom White.  I had a few cans in my supplies already.

Folding Chair Makeover - chairs with one coat paint

That was after one coat of paint.  It took several coats.  I also flipped the chairs over and painted underneath, and then I half-way unfolded them so that I could get in all the creases.  Overall, I used about 4 cans of paint on the 3 chairs.  For the ones with cushions, I didn’t really cover the area where the cushions would be.  In between painting the chairs, I worked on the cushions inside.

Folding Chair Makeover - cushions before

They were nasty!  I flipped them over so that I could get the staples out.  I didn’t have to work too hard.  There was enough extra fabric to grab a hold of and just rip it off.  The staples were pretty shallow ones, so they ripped right out of the fabric.

Folding Chair Makeover - cushions before from back

After the nasty fabric was off, I used the cushions as my pattern to cut out the new pretty fabric.  I laid the fabric on the dining room table and just arranged the cushions to minimize my fabric use.   I think I have enough to make a pillow at some point.  Sorry for the slight glare…it was one of the first pretty sunny Spring days.

Folding Chair Makeover - laying out cushions on new fabric

I left about an inch or two the whole way around each cushion so that I had room to pull and staple it to the back.

Folding Chair Makeover - cut out new fabric

Now, it was time to staple.  I usually follow the same 4 steps.  Put a couple staples in one side, and then do the same on the opposite side.  Third step is to staple the other 2 sides.  Finally, staple the corners.  Corners vary for me.  With this one, I was able to do most of the gathering from the back and not have a seam, so that is what I did.  After I had it secured the whole way around, I went back around all sides and stapled more in between my original staples.

Folding Chair Makeover - 4 step chair reupholstery

After it was all stapled, it looked like this.

Folding Chair Makeover -stapled all around not trimmed

Then, I just took my scissors and trimmed the excess fabric.

Folding Chair Makeover -stapled all sides

The back cushion was a different method of attack.  The back is curved, so when I tried to staple from opposite sides, it didn’t work well.  It pulled the fabric.  I also ran into the issue that the back was so thin my staples were poking through the fabric. So, the backs got a layer of batting applied underneath the fabric and that prevented the staples from poking through.  I ended up just stapling in one direction the whole way around so that I could keep the fabric and batting smooth.

Folding Chair Makeover - chair back with batten and fabric attached

I trimmed all the excess after I had everything stapled.

Folding Chair Makeover - chair back with batten and fabric trimmed

Flipped it over and was pleased with the result.

Folding Chair Makeover - chair back with fabric finished

I might be slightly in love with this fabric print!!

After adequate drying time, I reattached the cushions using the same screws.

Folding Chair Makeover - After painting and fabric

I can’t wait to use these chairs at our Easter dinner.

Folding Chair Makeover - After fabric close up

And, I won’t have an embarrassing blue chair either.  I have a simple creamy white folding chair that will coordinate with all of our other chairs.

Folding Chair Makeover - blue chair after

Do you host large family gatherings?  What do you use for extra seating?

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Thrifty Easter Decorating

I was so pleased with my Easter egg crafts, it was fun to use them to decorate the house this year for Easter.  I just love the beaded eggs, so they are one of the first decorations you see when you walk in our front door.

Easter Decorating - foyer vignette

I made a little vignette on the foyer console table with items that I had around the house.  I know I used the purple vase and purple candles last Easter too.  I found the flowers in my supplies….I’m pretty certain I bought them on clearance late last Spring, because I found them with the pastel Easter grass that I bought on clearance too. I think the grass was only 25 cents a bag, so I picked up a few to use.

Easter Decorating - easter grass

I tried the beaded eggs in a few different baskets/ bowls/containers, but liked them best in the clear dish, which was definitely a thrift shop or yard sale find from last year.  When I first tried it, something was off, and that’s when I went searching for a book and found this nice pastel pink hardback.  It’s actually one I want to read, but that will have to wait until after Easter!

Easter Egg Crafts - beaded eggs close up in glass

The other end of the foyer console table got its own little vignette too.

Easter Decorating - foyer vignette2

I found the little purple basket a few weeks ago at the thrift shop for a few dollars…I think $2.

Easter Decorating - thrift shop ceramic purple basket and eggs

I knew I wouldn’t keep the shiny purple eggs in it, so they are the ones that I wrapped in washi tape.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with washi tape in basket

The Happy Easter in the frame is just a pretty piece of scrapbook paper trimmed to fit, and then I cut out the Happy Easter letters on my Cricut and attached them to the paper.

Easter Decorating - Happy Easter in frame

In the living room, I added a few bits of Easter decorations here and there, using some items from prior years and some new thrifty finds.

Easter Decorating - side table vignette

The branches get used for many decorations, and instead of on the  dining room table this year, they got to sit atop this side table in our living room.  The cute bunny is a new thrift shop find.  Can’t beat that price!

Easter Decorating - ceramic bunny

I changed out the grass and added some wooden eggs that I got for 25 cents too.  The little basket of ceramic eggs was from a yard sale last summer, with a price tag of $2.  I put them in the wire basket that I had on from prior years for a different look.

Easter Decorating - yard sale basket and ceramic eggs

My other ceramic eggs that I painted are resting in another thrift shop find.

Easter Decorating - ceramic easter basket

They are adding a touch of Easter to another side table in the living room.

Easter Egg Crafts - painted ceramic eggs in basket

The ceramic Easter village from my Mom got a new spot in our living room this year.  We have a new console table for them to adorn.

Easter Decorating - ceramic easter village

I promise to share the living room sometime soon…..the rug is supposed to arrive next week (finally)!

The last place with some Easter decorating is my craft room.  I have so many butterflies, it will likely carry through to Spring, but I did add some eggs.  And, I made another Spring Wreath to hang inside.  I just love the bright colored flowers so much.  These flowers were another clearance purchase from last year.

Easter Decorating - craft room shelves and spring wreath

Have you decorated your house for Spring or Easter?





Easter Egg Crafts

Easter Egg Craft Collage Header

I was inspired to do something different with my Easter decorations this year.  I didn’t want to use only the plastic eggs like last year.  I had found some ceramic eggs at the thrift shop for 50 cents – there were 4 whole eggs and 4 eggs that were split in halves, all unpainted.  So, I started with them and some acrylic craft paint.  I also had some wooden eggs I found for 25 cents at the same thrift shop.  There were too many yellow ones, so I painted some of them too.

Easter Egg Crafts - ceramic eggs before

I had yellow paint in my supplies, but no other Easter colors, so I had to buy a few new colors.  The selection was slim at Jo-Ann Fabrics and I didn’t want to go to any other stores, so I ended up with green, purple and a pearly blue.

Easter Egg Crafts - painted ceramic eggs

The paint covered really well with one coat and then I just flipped the eggs to coat the other sides and edges.  They look pretty in my little ceramic basket – another thrift shop find for 50 cents…..you might notice a theme here :)

Easter Egg Crafts - painted ceramic eggs in basket

Now, those plastic eggs.  I’ve seen jute wrapped, clothesline wrapped, and decoupaged done by other bloggers, but I wasn’t sure what I planned to do.  While I was at Jo-Ann Fabric, I found some washi tape on sale for $1.79, and it was in spring colors, so I bought it.  Surprisingly, I had never bought washi tape before!!  It’s all over blogs with many uses, but I had never had a reason to use it.  I actually bought it thinking I was just going to use it to make stripes, and then pull it off after I painted.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg and washi tape

But, when I started to put it on the egg, I decided I liked the look and just kept covering it in random strips.  I ended up with four washi-taped cover eggs that look cute.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with washi tape in basket

I had one more idea for the plastic eggs.  I had some beading, the same stuff I used at Christmas.  All I used was the plastic eggs, beading and hot glue.  I had white and blue beading.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg beading and hot glue

My biggest fear with this craft was burnt fingers, so I tried to avoid touching the glue as much as possible.  I just put the glue right on the egg.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with hot glue applied

And, then I started wrapping the beading.  It went easier than I expected because the beading is so firm.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with beading addd

I tried different combinations of the eggs and beading.

Easter Egg Crafts - blue plastic egg with beading added

To finish it off, I just cut between the beads and pushed the final bead into the end of the egg.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with all beading added

I love the final product.  These were my favorite of all the eggs!!

Easter Egg Crafts - beaded eggs in basket

I tried them in a few different containers.  I ended up loving them in the glass dish the most.

Easter Egg Crafts - beaded eggs close up in glass

I’ll share all of my Easter decorations later this week so you can see what I did with the eggs.

Did you make any Easter crafts?

Lancaster Creative Reuse

A few weekends ago, I finally got to check out Lancaster Creative Reuse.  I had only heard of the store recently from a few friends who know my love of thrifting, crafting and DIY.  If you are anything like me, then you need to check out this store!  Before I lose anyone who isn’t from Lancaster on this post, check out this list to see if you have a creative reuse store near you.  I had no idea they are all over the country and in select international locations.

Lancaster Creative Reuse sign

So, what is Lancaster Creative Reuse (LCR)?  I can’t say it any better than they do on their website:

LCR connects community excess to those who can use it creatively.  The project inspires creativity, increases access to the arts through affordability, and encourages reuse. Opened in August 2010, the  LCR store provides low-cost supplies as well as an Open Craft tableLancaster’s excess craft stashes, fabric room cleanouts, and business samples and seconds are sorted here and made available to the community at low cost for creative reuse.

I had so much fun exploring the store for the first time.  I was quickly drawn into the selection of flowers.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - flowers and fabric

I ended up buying my flowers that I used in my Spring Wreath. The prices just can’t be beat.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - hydrangea

Lancaster Creative Reuse - peonies and berry stems

I had to control myself and just go through section by section, because it really was sensory overload for me.  Some sections, like this below, reminded me of Goodwill where it was just miscellaneous housewares.

Lancaster Creative Reuse -glassware and misc supplies

But, there were other sections of business samples, like in the fabric sections.  There was a whole set of shelves with home décor fabric.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - fabric

I bought two patterns for just $1 each.  I’m envisioning  reupholstering a chair with a coordinating pillow.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - my fabric purchases

Then, there were smaller fabric samples.  They were CHEAP!  It looked like a quilters dream.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - fabric small samples

The other fabric shelves were neatly organized and labeled by colors.  It seemed like they were just donated from various people’s supplies and not a business overstock or samples like the other sections.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - fabric rolls

In addition to fabric, there were also sections of ribbons, trim, embroidery floss, and yarn.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - ribbon trim and embroidery floss

Lancaster Creative Reuse -yarn

There was a nice little supply of cards.

Lancaster Creative Reuse -cards

And, last but definitely not least in my book, was the room of scrapbooking supplies.  It was wonderful!!

Lancaster Creative Reuse -scrapbooking supplies2

It was so neatly organized; it was almost like shopping in the sections of the craft store.

Lancaster Creative Reuse -scrapbooking supplies

I’m sure I could have bought many more supplies, but I limited myself to just this pack of Creative Memories rick rack for $2.

Lancaster Creative Reuse -scrapbooking purchase

Overall, Lancaster Creative Reuse was a fun store.  It will definitely be in my thrifting rounds.  If you are from Lancaster, I highly recommend it.  And, if you are not in Lancaster, I recommend checking out one near you.  There were several kids having fun at the open craft table, so I didn’t get any pictures of it because I didn’t want to seem like more of a weirdo than I already did taking pictures of the various sections in the store.  The kids looked like they were having plenty of fun crafting.

Have you been to Lancaster Creative Reuse, or a reuse store in your area?  What’s your favorite items to search for?

This is not a sponsored post.   Lancaster Creative Reuse has no idea who I am, but I did ask permission to take pictures and blog about their store, because I wanted to share my experience and they were happy to hear that.


2014 DIY Spring Wreath

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - after header

We are finally having some Spring-like weather around here; we’ll just forget about the snow we had this morning. ;)  And, I was definitely ready to usher Spring into our home too.  I didn’t have a ton of time, but I knew I could easily change out the winter wreath by making a new spring wreath.  I had picked up some cheap supplies while I thrift shopped the previous weekend.  I started with the $1.00 wreath I found.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - thrift shop wreath before

It had good components, but not the overall look I wanted.  So, I pulled everything off the wreath to get it down to the grapevine.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - grapevine wreath

Then, I added some hydrangeas that I bought for 75 cents for the lot.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - hydrangeas

After the hydrangeas, I added some peonies…these were a little pricier at $1.25 per flower, but still a bargain compared to the craft stores.  When I added the peonies, I decided the pink hydrangea didn’t work and removed it.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - hydrangeas & peonies

I wasn’t real sure of the look at this point, but I kept working on it.  I started added in some of the smaller flowers that had been on the wreath before.  Oh, and I added the pink hydrangea back in.  My wreath making is really a trial and error process.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - hydrangeas & peonies and little flowers

I still wasn’t sure with the look, and I was making quite a mess on the floor.  I propped up the wreath after adding a few more small flowers

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - flowers on whole wreath

And, this is when I decided it wasn’t going to work for me.  The big flowers were too big and the little ones looked funny in the gaps.  I really liked the pink hydrangea and the peonies, so I decided to keep them and make the flowers just on one side.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - flowers on side of wreath

This was more like it.  I kept adding a few more small flowers to finish it off.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - flowers on side of wreath after

When I get to this point, I always have to just go hang it on the door and see if I like it.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - after on front door

Sure enough, I liked it.  I did make a few minor flower positioning tweaks with it hanging, but overall didn’t change much.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - after flowers close up

I really like the big puffy flowers on the natural grapevine wreath, and not bad for $5.00.

Has Spring weather arrived where you live?  Have you ushered it in with Spring décor?



DIY Seashell Mirror

Sorry I have been MIA!  Bob and I just got back from 10 days in Mexico!!  We had a fantastic time and I’ll share some travel pictures in upcoming posts.  Hopefully now that I am very much refreshed, I will get back into a better routine with blogging. 

So, if you have read even a little bit of my posts here on Puddy’s House, you know I love the beach!  After I made my seashell wreath, I mentioned that I wanted to try a mirror.  Well, nothing like a snow day from work to finally get my act in gear and do the most beachy thing I could do on a snowy day in PA, and that was to finally work on the seashell mirror.

DIY Seashell Mirror - Header Puddys House

I had everything I needed for this project in my stash of supplies, so it was perfect to work on when I had the itch to do something creative on the snow day, without the ability to run out and get any new supplies.  This mirror was an old yard sale find.  I’m not even sure why I bought it…I definitely had no particular place for it.  I’m seem to recall it was $2 or $3 and it is a very heavy mirror.

DIY Seashell Mirror - mirror before

I liked the shape and color, but the little details around the mirror weren’t very white anymore.  So, I got out some paint that I had on hand.

DIY Seashell Mirror - chalk paint for mirror

And, I just touched up the bumpy details around the mirror and a few of the corners that were not white anymore.

DIY Seashell Mirror - painted

You can’t see much difference, other than the excess paint on the mirror.  But, the quick coat of white made it look better.  Next, I got out my seashell stash and got to work.  I used shells I had leftover from collecting, and also from a pretty jar I bought at the thrift shop for $2.50.  I knew these shells would make pretty accents.

DIY Seashell Mirror - jar of shells

I started by laying some shells on the mirror frame to get a general concept of how I wanted to approach the gluing.  I used the larger shells to go the whole way around the mirror.  Trusty hot glue was all I needed to attach the shells.

DIY Seashell Mirror - first layer of shells on mirror

After the initial layer of larger shells, I started to attach smaller shells along the inner ridge.  I decided to just go right along the raised “beading” along the mirror.

DIY Seashell Mirror - second row of shells on mirror

I used the same approach on the outer layer and followed along the ridge.  And, then I just started to fill in any gaps and started to layer the shells.

DIY Seashell Mirror - corner outer and top rows of shells on mirror

I love the little details on the corners.

DIY Seashell Mirror - after corner with starfish

When I got the mirror finished, Puddy came by to “inspect” it. :)

DIY Seashell Mirror - Puddy looking at finished product

I actually don’t have a place picked out for this mirror, so it got hung and laid in several different spots for picture taking.  It is not easy to get a good picture of a mirror….I had to call in Bob for his good photography eye to help me out.

DIY Seashell Mirror - after corner with starfish2

In this spot, you get a little sneak peak of some of the new living room furniture too.

DIY Seashell Mirror - after pic in living room

Not bad for a couple dollars, some hot glue sticks and a few hours of my time.


Ugly to Pretty

I had two chairs that Bob called the “ugly chairs” – I showed you the one before here.  With our new living room furniture coming soon (it better be soon…..I’m getting tired of waiting!), I decided to take the ugly chairs and give them a makeover and hopefully find them a new home.  So, now they have gone from ugly to pretty. :)

Ugly to Pretty - before and after

These chairs have been a long process….way too long.  And, I’m not done yet.  I only got one finished.  I made a fabric cutting/stapling error on the second one and when I ripped out the staples and tried to salvage my work, the fabric had a wear mark so I knew I couldn’t use it.  I went to get more fabric and Jo-Ann’s didn’t have any more.  I dug up my receipt and hopefully they can order me more, but if not, the second chair will get a different look.

So, anyhow, the first step in the long process was removing the old fabric, which was pretty easy.  I took pictures of the tricky parts so I would remember how I to position the fabric.

Ugly to Pretty - Chair before close up around arm

Then, it was time to prep the chairs for paint.  The caning was pretty worn.  I always just hid it with a pillow, but to paint I knew it would need some prep.

Ugly to Pretty - chair caning before

I used wire brushes to go over the caning portion to remove all the flaky pieces.  It only took a few minutes of brushing back and forth to have the caning prepped.

Ugly to Pretty - chair caning with wire brush

I started using Chalk Paint, so I didn’t sand or anything.  I had a can of Old White in my supplies, so I just used that.  The paint goes on very easily.

Ugly to Pretty - chair with one coat chalk paint

But, after 2 coats I was not happy with the look.  It was too rustic for the look I wanted.  I couldn’t stand all the brush strokes.

Ugly to Pretty - chair with chalk paint up close

Plus, it was not a bright enough white for my fabric.  So, I went to Lowe’s and got some new paint.  I bought Olympic One paint and primer in one.  It has enamel in it.  It was the same type of paint I used on my mother-in-law’s kitchen cabinets, so I knew I liked the paint and the consistency of it. With this paint, you can’t just buy white, it has to be mixed, so I chose “True White” for the color.

Ugly to Pretty - Olympic One paint

I applied 2 coats of the new paint and got a nice finish that I was happy with.  You can see some brush strokes, but it is still smooth, no where nearly as rough as the chalk paint and much less brush strokes.

Ugly to Pretty - chairs after painting

I love how the caning looks painted white.

Ugly to Pretty - chair painted caning up close

After painting, I was so ready for the fun part of attaching the fabric.  But, unfortunately, these chairs just fought me!  I used the fabric I removed as my pattern and cut out the new fabric.

Ugly to Pretty - old fabric as pattern on new fabric

I even cut the 4 slits to accommodate the wooden arms of the chairs.

Ugly to Pretty - cutting new fabric for pattern

This is where I made my mistake though.  It worked out fine on the one chair, but not the other.  I think when I do it again, I will place the fabric on the chair and cut one slit at a time.  This way as you pull and smooth the fabric as you are stapling it won’t matter as it adjusts.

I laid the fabric on and the slits fell right in place.  I started stapling on the front.

Ugly to Pretty - Fabric stapled on front of chair

The stapling goes pretty quickly, so I didn’t take any more pictures of it until I was finished.  I just worked my way around the chair stapling several times on each section.  After I go the whole way around and I’m happy with the placement, I go back around and fill in with more staples.  I don’t want the fabric to have any chance of bunching or moving.  After all the staples are in, then I just trimmed the excess fabric from below the staples.

Ugly to Pretty - fabric stapled on chair

Next, it was time to add the trim.  I used my hot glue gun to attach the trim.  For this version, I also attached some trim around the arms.  I will have to tweak that though, because when you sit in the chair the trim moves from the arms, so I will just have to glue the trim to the fabric and not the wooden arm.  It should give it the same look, but be more flexible.

Ugly to Pretty - adding trim

The trim is glued right over top of the staples to hide all of them.

Ugly to Pretty - chair trim close up


Ugly to Pretty - chair trim around arm close up

After all the bumps in the road of painting and reupholstering this chair, I really am happy with the final results.

Ugly to Pretty - chair after

Hopefully, someone else likes the chair too.  This is the first time I redid a piece of furniture that wasn’t for my home or specifically as a gift.  It is very different to choose the options for a piece of furniture without having to consider where it will go in my home.  I still kept my taste in mind with this chair, but tried to pick an overall look that will be neutral enough to work in someone else’s home.  So, what do you think – do you prefer the wooden or painted look?

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Icy Winter Landscape

icy winter landscape collage - puddys house

This week Winter has shown Lancaster that it is still in full swing.  We had snow early in the week and then mid-week we were hit with an ice storm.  The ice fascinates me…as long as I am safely at home with no where to go.  I was fortunate to be at home on a work delay the morning of the ice, so I captured a few pictures of the ice blanketing our landscape.

winter landscape - icy crape myrtle

The crape myrtle looked so sad from a distance.  But, up close it was so pretty.

winter landscape - icy crape myrtle berries up close

winter landscape - icy crape myrtle berries up close2

Fortunately, as soon as the ice melted, it bounced right back to its normal shape.  Below is our burning bush.

winter landscape - icy fire bush close up

Our trees faired pretty well, and I think it was because they are still young without big, heavy branches.

winter landscape - maple tree

The little cypress bushes amazed me when I looked at them up close.

winter landscape -icy golden cypress2

The branches are normally so wispy, but the ice encapsulated them.

winter landscape -icy golden cypress

Like I said, we were very fortunate without any damage, but I know there are many people in our area dealing with downed trees.  Some people still don’t have power.   I feel badly that they have suffered so much from the storm. We lost power for a few hours, but that was it.

How has Winter been treating you?




Winter Blogging Blues

So, you may have noticed a bit of silence on the blog here….sorry, it wasn’t intentional!  Apparently, I have the winter blogging blues.  I looked back in my archives and discovered it hit me last year too.  Last year, I was lucky that we had the bar tiling to work  on, but I also wrote about Spring Dreams, so I know I felt the same as I do now.  I just don’t like winter!!

Winter blogging - snow covered trees

Not only do I not like the cold, but we are getting our fair share of snow in PA this year too, and I’m just tired of it.  I think it makes me lazy too.  I come home from work and just cuddle up under the blankets on the couch….you may have noticed if you follow on Facebook or Instagram….there’s lots of Puddy couch pictures and that means I’m right there with him. :)  I’d really like to be somewhere beautiful and warm instead.

Winter blogging - st marteen sailboats

I know I can’t have the beauty of St. Maarten all the time though, but that’s a great reason to vacation.  This year, we are going back to Mexico for our winter escape, but we are venturing to Cabo for part of our trip which will be new for us.

But, while I am living in the reality of winter in Pennsylvania, I am trying my best to just go with it and still focus on thriving like I promised myself I would.  Besides the lack of blogging, I have been working on staying true to my word for the year.  Even though I haven’t posted anything, I have spent plenty of time on researching blogging aspects and even trying to work on some things behind the scenes.  Hopefully over the next few months you will see a difference.  Personally, I’m working on eating better.   I made one big change (at least for me its big) and am working to reduce my added sugar intake.   Drinking coffee without sweetener was quite a change, but I’m surviving and amazingly I’m starting to enjoy the taste.  I think not starting my day with so much sugar is helping…I’m not craving sweets like I would before.  I am still indulging in a sweet treat for special occasions though, couldn’t pass up dessert on our anniversary!


Patio - view from the yard to the back of the house

Ahh, the great outdoors.  I long for the green grass and sitting on the patio.  And, I’m also ready to be able to work on projects outside again.  The winter weather does limit my project space.   The garage is even too cold to work in right now.  I have a great dresser sitting out there waiting for its great makeover.  I also have a paint sprayer waiting to be used…..come on Spring!  To tide me over, and also to have some projects to blog about, I have started working on a pair of chairs.  They used to live in the odd corner of our living room.  But, our living room is getting some upgrades.  We got the new sectional last Spring, and I was searching for a new rug too.  Unfortunately, makeovers and upgrades don’t always happen quickly.  We still don’t have a new rug!!  We did finally order one, but its not here yet.  The rug turned into a huge ordeal for us.  We couldn’t find what we wanted at all.  Fortunately, through our struggle we went to the local furniture store and they sensed our struggle, so they told us about their free design service with purchase.  So, we ended up working with the interior designer to redo our living room.  And, soon we will get to see it.  We ordered several pieces of furniture and have been waiting for months, but in early February we should get it and I’ll be able to share our new living room look.  In the meantime, I took the chairs out of the living room, because we will not have room for them anymore, and also because Bob affectionately refers to them as the “ugly chairs.”

Winter blogging - chair before

The chairs have become my first step into new adventures for me and Puddy’s House.  They are getting a makeover and I am going to sell them.  So far,  I have removed the fabric and gave them a fresh coat of paint.  I have pretty new fabric and trim waiting to reupholster them.  I should get the chairs done soon and I will share them.  But, the most exciting part for me is that I hope to be able to buy other furniture that I can give makeovers and sell too.  Our house is only so big and I can’t keep buying furniture to makeover and have somewhere to put it.  So, this way, I’ll have projects to work on and blog about and Bob can remove me from my chair buying probation that he has me on! :)

Hopefully, I didn’t lose you over my blogging hiatus, and I hope you understand if content is lacking because I really am trying to maintain my balance and thrive this year!

So, have any of you been to Cabo?  I’m looking for any tips or places to check out so that I can continue to dream about nice warm weather and a great escape of winter.





DIY Winter Wreath

DIY Winter Wreath Header - Puddy's House

I always despise taking down my Christmas wreath because I have never had anything to put in its place.  Last year, my front door was bare until I made my Spring Wreath.  My DIY winter wreath is the easiest, simplest wreath I have ever made.  It is really as easy as 1-2-3! I started with my supplies….I wasn’t really sure what my wreath was going to look like.

DIY Winter Wreath - supplies

I had the white painted grapevine wreath in my supplies – it was used in one of the DIY Christmas Wreaths that I shared.  I thought the white base would be good for winter.  Fortunately, I had only tucked in the greenery so it was very easy to disassemble.  I kept out the greens that have a bit of a white coating on them (not really sure what they are or how to describe them any better….sorry!).  My other supplies, included the silvery berry stems which I bought for less than $1 at the thrift store.  I also bought the 3 pine cone picks at the thrift shop for less than $.50.  The metal snowflake ornaments were from the thrift shop too, I think they were $1 each.  And, the silver pine cones I had in my Christmas supplies.  You can see from the finished product above that I didn’t use everything I got out, but that happens.   I normally make very full wreaths, but I thought for Winter it would be nice to have a change and not completely cover the grapevine wreath.  And, like I said this was 3 simple steps.

1 -  I started with the greenery and just filled one small section of the wreath.  I liked it as the base.

DIY Winter Wreath - greenery added

2 – I added the 3 silvery berry branches.  The picks made them easy to tuck in the grapevine and they separated and bent nicely to mix in with the greenery.

DIY Winter Wreath - greenery and silver picks added

3 – I added the pinecones.  This was so easy, I actually took the wreath and hung it on the door before taking a picture of this step.

DIY Winter Wreath - pinecones adddd

I really took it out there to see if I liked it on the door.  I knew I liked the look but sometimes it is hard to tell if I will like it on our dark brown door.  But, I did so I called it done.  The three elements of the wreath work really nicely together.  And, I didn’t glue anything in place so I can always change it for the next season if I want, or I can keep it this way for next year.

DIY Winter Wreath - close up of details

It is just perfect to have at touch of Winter greeting everyone on the front door.

DIY Winter Wreath - complete in 3 easy steps

So, do you have a winter wreath?  I showed my friend a picture of it this week and she said she might have to copy it, and I told her to go right ahead.  That is precisely why I share, to show anyone can do it, and to provide some inspiration for you.