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I always despise taking down my Christmas wreath because I have never had anything to put in its place.  Last year, my front door was bare until I made my Spring Wreath.  My DIY winter wreath is the easiest, simplest wreath I have ever made.  It is really as easy as 1-2-3! I started with my supplies….I wasn’t really sure what my wreath was going to look like.

DIY Winter Wreath - supplies

I had the white painted grapevine wreath in my supplies – it was used in one of the DIY Christmas Wreaths that I shared.  I thought the white base would be good for winter.  Fortunately, I had only tucked in the greenery so it was very easy to disassemble.  I kept out the greens that have a bit of a white coating on them (not really sure what they are or how to describe them any better….sorry!).  My other supplies, included the silvery berry stems which I bought for less than $1 at the thrift store.  I also bought the 3 pine cone picks at the thrift shop for less than $.50.  The metal snowflake ornaments were from the thrift shop too, I think they were $1 each.  And, the silver pine cones I had in my Christmas supplies.  You can see from the finished product above that I didn’t use everything I got out, but that happens.   I normally make very full wreaths, but I thought for Winter it would be nice to have a change and not completely cover the grapevine wreath.  And, like I said this was 3 simple steps.

1 –  I started with the greenery and just filled one small section of the wreath.  I liked it as the base.

DIY Winter Wreath - greenery added

2 – I added the 3 silvery berry branches.  The picks made them easy to tuck in the grapevine and they separated and bent nicely to mix in with the greenery.

DIY Winter Wreath - greenery and silver picks added

3 – I added the pinecones.  This was so easy, I actually took the wreath and hung it on the door before taking a picture of this step.

DIY Winter Wreath - pinecones adddd

I really took it out there to see if I liked it on the door.  I knew I liked the look but sometimes it is hard to tell if I will like it on our dark brown door.  But, I did so I called it done.  The three elements of the wreath work really nicely together.  And, I didn’t glue anything in place so I can always change it for the next season if I want, or I can keep it this way for next year.

DIY Winter Wreath - close up of details

It is just perfect to have at touch of Winter greeting everyone on the front door.

DIY Winter Wreath - complete in 3 easy steps

So, do you have a winter wreath?  I showed my friend a picture of it this week and she said she might have to copy it, and I told her to go right ahead.  That is precisely why I share, to show anyone can do it, and to provide some inspiration for you.





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    Leslie, this is very timely for me – we just got a new front door and I have nothing to hang on it. Your winter wreath actually looks like something I could do- thanks! Btw, I found you through the Blog U FB page – looking forward to meeting you in June!

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      Leslie says

      Thank you! I’m sure you can put together a nice wreath for your new front door!! Look forward to meeting you too!


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