DIY Seashell Mirror

Sorry I have been MIA!  Bob and I just got back from 10 days in Mexico!!  We had a fantastic time and I’ll share some travel pictures in upcoming posts.  Hopefully now that I am very much refreshed, I will get back into a better routine with blogging. 

So, if you have read even a little bit of my posts here on Puddy’s House, you know I love the beach!  After I made my seashell wreath, I mentioned that I wanted to try a mirror.  Well, nothing like a snow day from work to finally get my act in gear and do the most beachy thing I could do on a snowy day in PA, and that was to finally work on the seashell mirror.

DIY Seashell Mirror - Header Puddys House

I had everything I needed for this project in my stash of supplies, so it was perfect to work on when I had the itch to do something creative on the snow day, without the ability to run out and get any new supplies.  This mirror was an old yard sale find.  I’m not even sure why I bought it…I definitely had no particular place for it.  I’m seem to recall it was $2 or $3 and it is a very heavy mirror.

DIY Seashell Mirror - mirror before

I liked the shape and color, but the little details around the mirror weren’t very white anymore.  So, I got out some paint that I had on hand.

DIY Seashell Mirror - chalk paint for mirror

And, I just touched up the bumpy details around the mirror and a few of the corners that were not white anymore.

DIY Seashell Mirror - painted

You can’t see much difference, other than the excess paint on the mirror.  But, the quick coat of white made it look better.  Next, I got out my seashell stash and got to work.  I used shells I had leftover from collecting, and also from a pretty jar I bought at the thrift shop for $2.50.  I knew these shells would make pretty accents.

DIY Seashell Mirror - jar of shells

I started by laying some shells on the mirror frame to get a general concept of how I wanted to approach the gluing.  I used the larger shells to go the whole way around the mirror.  Trusty hot glue was all I needed to attach the shells.

DIY Seashell Mirror - first layer of shells on mirror

After the initial layer of larger shells, I started to attach smaller shells along the inner ridge.  I decided to just go right along the raised “beading” along the mirror.

DIY Seashell Mirror - second row of shells on mirror

I used the same approach on the outer layer and followed along the ridge.  And, then I just started to fill in any gaps and started to layer the shells.

DIY Seashell Mirror - corner outer and top rows of shells on mirror

I love the little details on the corners.

DIY Seashell Mirror - after corner with starfish

When I got the mirror finished, Puddy came by to “inspect” it. :)

DIY Seashell Mirror - Puddy looking at finished product

I actually don’t have a place picked out for this mirror, so it got hung and laid in several different spots for picture taking.  It is not easy to get a good picture of a mirror….I had to call in Bob for his good photography eye to help me out.

DIY Seashell Mirror - after corner with starfish2

In this spot, you get a little sneak peak of some of the new living room furniture too.

DIY Seashell Mirror - after pic in living room

Not bad for a couple dollars, some hot glue sticks and a few hours of my time.



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      Leslie says

      Thanks Lori! It’s a fun project to work on too…as long as you don’t burn your fingers with any hot glue!!

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    Joyce says

    What a nice use for your shells! I have some small boxes of shells from different vacations – this would be a good way to display them! (I, too, especially like your corner arrangements of shells!)

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