2014 DIY Spring Wreath

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - after header

We are finally having some Spring-like weather around here; we’ll just forget about the snow we had this morning. 😉  And, I was definitely ready to usher Spring into our home too.  I didn’t have a ton of time, but I knew I could easily change out the winter wreath by making a new spring wreath.  I had picked up some cheap supplies while I thrift shopped the previous weekend.  I started with the $1.00 wreath I found.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - thrift shop wreath before

It had good components, but not the overall look I wanted.  So, I pulled everything off the wreath to get it down to the grapevine.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - grapevine wreath

Then, I added some hydrangeas that I bought for 75 cents for the lot.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - hydrangeas

After the hydrangeas, I added some peonies…these were a little pricier at $1.25 per flower, but still a bargain compared to the craft stores.  When I added the peonies, I decided the pink hydrangea didn’t work and removed it.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - hydrangeas & peonies

I wasn’t real sure of the look at this point, but I kept working on it.  I started added in some of the smaller flowers that had been on the wreath before.  Oh, and I added the pink hydrangea back in.  My wreath making is really a trial and error process.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - hydrangeas & peonies and little flowers

I still wasn’t sure with the look, and I was making quite a mess on the floor.  I propped up the wreath after adding a few more small flowers

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - flowers on whole wreath

And, this is when I decided it wasn’t going to work for me.  The big flowers were too big and the little ones looked funny in the gaps.  I really liked the pink hydrangea and the peonies, so I decided to keep them and make the flowers just on one side.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - flowers on side of wreath

This was more like it.  I kept adding a few more small flowers to finish it off.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - flowers on side of wreath after

When I get to this point, I always have to just go hang it on the door and see if I like it.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - after on front door

Sure enough, I liked it.  I did make a few minor flower positioning tweaks with it hanging, but overall didn’t change much.

DIY Spring Wreath 2014 - after flowers close up

I really like the big puffy flowers on the natural grapevine wreath, and not bad for $5.00.

Has Spring weather arrived where you live?  Have you ushered it in with Spring décor?




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      Leslie says

      Thanks Jodee! Yes, it definitely can be adapted to anyone’s style. My Mom has requested a wreath now too, so hers will be different than my style and should be fun to make.

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          Leslie says

          I actually just stick the flowers in…the wreath is tight enough to hold them in place. I have gotten wreaths that use glue to hold in place or small pieces of craft wire. I just like to stick in place as is so that I can change my mind and reuse the same grapevine wreath easily.


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      Leslie says

      I get them at yard sales, thrift shops, Lancaster creative reuse or joann fabrics or Michaels if I am looking for something specific that I don’t have in my supplies.


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