Thrifty Easter Decorating

I was so pleased with my Easter egg crafts, it was fun to use them to decorate the house this year for Easter.  I just love the beaded eggs, so they are one of the first decorations you see when you walk in our front door.

Easter Decorating - foyer vignette

I made a little vignette on the foyer console table with items that I had around the house.  I know I used the purple vase and purple candles last Easter too.  I found the flowers in my supplies….I’m pretty certain I bought them on clearance late last Spring, because I found them with the pastel Easter grass that I bought on clearance too. I think the grass was only 25 cents a bag, so I picked up a few to use.

Easter Decorating - easter grass

I tried the beaded eggs in a few different baskets/ bowls/containers, but liked them best in the clear dish, which was definitely a thrift shop or yard sale find from last year.  When I first tried it, something was off, and that’s when I went searching for a book and found this nice pastel pink hardback.  It’s actually one I want to read, but that will have to wait until after Easter!

Easter Egg Crafts - beaded eggs close up in glass

The other end of the foyer console table got its own little vignette too.

Easter Decorating - foyer vignette2

I found the little purple basket a few weeks ago at the thrift shop for a few dollars…I think $2.

Easter Decorating - thrift shop ceramic purple basket and eggs

I knew I wouldn’t keep the shiny purple eggs in it, so they are the ones that I wrapped in washi tape.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with washi tape in basket

The Happy Easter in the frame is just a pretty piece of scrapbook paper trimmed to fit, and then I cut out the Happy Easter letters on my Cricut and attached them to the paper.

Easter Decorating - Happy Easter in frame

In the living room, I added a few bits of Easter decorations here and there, using some items from prior years and some new thrifty finds.

Easter Decorating - side table vignette

The branches get used for many decorations, and instead of on the  dining room table this year, they got to sit atop this side table in our living room.  The cute bunny is a new thrift shop find.  Can’t beat that price!

Easter Decorating - ceramic bunny

I changed out the grass and added some wooden eggs that I got for 25 cents too.  The little basket of ceramic eggs was from a yard sale last summer, with a price tag of $2.  I put them in the wire basket that I had on from prior years for a different look.

Easter Decorating - yard sale basket and ceramic eggs

My other ceramic eggs that I painted are resting in another thrift shop find.

Easter Decorating - ceramic easter basket

They are adding a touch of Easter to another side table in the living room.

Easter Egg Crafts - painted ceramic eggs in basket

The ceramic Easter village from my Mom got a new spot in our living room this year.  We have a new console table for them to adorn.

Easter Decorating - ceramic easter village

I promise to share the living room sometime soon…..the rug is supposed to arrive next week (finally)!

The last place with some Easter decorating is my craft room.  I have so many butterflies, it will likely carry through to Spring, but I did add some eggs.  And, I made another Spring Wreath to hang inside.  I just love the bright colored flowers so much.  These flowers were another clearance purchase from last year.

Easter Decorating - craft room shelves and spring wreath

Have you decorated your house for Spring or Easter?






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      Leslie says

      Thanks so much!! I’m a persistent thrifter…satisfies my shopping itch without hurting my pocketbook as much :)

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      Leslie says

      That’s great that you and your daughters enjoy thrift shopping together! I have a few friends that I love going thrifting with. Thanks!!

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