Easter Egg Crafts

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I was inspired to do something different with my Easter decorations this year.  I didn’t want to use only the plastic eggs like last year.  I had found some ceramic eggs at the thrift shop for 50 cents – there were 4 whole eggs and 4 eggs that were split in halves, all unpainted.  So, I started with them and some acrylic craft paint.  I also had some wooden eggs I found for 25 cents at the same thrift shop.  There were too many yellow ones, so I painted some of them too.

Easter Egg Crafts - ceramic eggs before

I had yellow paint in my supplies, but no other Easter colors, so I had to buy a few new colors.  The selection was slim at Jo-Ann Fabrics and I didn’t want to go to any other stores, so I ended up with green, purple and a pearly blue.

Easter Egg Crafts - painted ceramic eggs

The paint covered really well with one coat and then I just flipped the eggs to coat the other sides and edges.  They look pretty in my little ceramic basket – another thrift shop find for 50 cents…..you might notice a theme here :)

Easter Egg Crafts - painted ceramic eggs in basket

Now, those plastic eggs.  I’ve seen jute wrapped, clothesline wrapped, and decoupaged done by other bloggers, but I wasn’t sure what I planned to do.  While I was at Jo-Ann Fabric, I found some washi tape on sale for $1.79, and it was in spring colors, so I bought it.  Surprisingly, I had never bought washi tape before!!  It’s all over blogs with many uses, but I had never had a reason to use it.  I actually bought it thinking I was just going to use it to make stripes, and then pull it off after I painted.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg and washi tape

But, when I started to put it on the egg, I decided I liked the look and just kept covering it in random strips.  I ended up with four washi-taped cover eggs that look cute.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with washi tape in basket

I had one more idea for the plastic eggs.  I had some beading, the same stuff I used at Christmas.  All I used was the plastic eggs, beading and hot glue.  I had white and blue beading.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg beading and hot glue

My biggest fear with this craft was burnt fingers, so I tried to avoid touching the glue as much as possible.  I just put the glue right on the egg.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with hot glue applied

And, then I started wrapping the beading.  It went easier than I expected because the beading is so firm.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with beading addd

I tried different combinations of the eggs and beading.

Easter Egg Crafts - blue plastic egg with beading added

To finish it off, I just cut between the beads and pushed the final bead into the end of the egg.

Easter Egg Crafts - plastic egg with all beading added

I love the final product.  These were my favorite of all the eggs!!

Easter Egg Crafts - beaded eggs in basket

I tried them in a few different containers.  I ended up loving them in the glass dish the most.

Easter Egg Crafts - beaded eggs close up in glass

I’ll share all of my Easter decorations later this week so you can see what I did with the eggs.

Did you make any Easter crafts?



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