Lancaster Creative Reuse

A few weekends ago, I finally got to check out Lancaster Creative Reuse.  I had only heard of the store recently from a few friends who know my love of thrifting, crafting and DIY.  If you are anything like me, then you need to check out this store!  Before I lose anyone who isn’t from Lancaster on this post, check out this list to see if you have a creative reuse store near you.  I had no idea they are all over the country and in select international locations.

Lancaster Creative Reuse sign

So, what is Lancaster Creative Reuse (LCR)?  I can’t say it any better than they do on their website:

LCR connects community excess to those who can use it creatively.  The project inspires creativity, increases access to the arts through affordability, and encourages reuse. Opened in August 2010, the  LCR store provides low-cost supplies as well as an Open Craft tableLancaster’s excess craft stashes, fabric room cleanouts, and business samples and seconds are sorted here and made available to the community at low cost for creative reuse.

I had so much fun exploring the store for the first time.  I was quickly drawn into the selection of flowers.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - flowers and fabric

I ended up buying my flowers that I used in my Spring Wreath. The prices just can’t be beat.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - hydrangea

Lancaster Creative Reuse - peonies and berry stems

I had to control myself and just go through section by section, because it really was sensory overload for me.  Some sections, like this below, reminded me of Goodwill where it was just miscellaneous housewares.

Lancaster Creative Reuse -glassware and misc supplies

But, there were other sections of business samples, like in the fabric sections.  There was a whole set of shelves with home décor fabric.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - fabric

I bought two patterns for just $1 each.  I’m envisioning  reupholstering a chair with a coordinating pillow.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - my fabric purchases

Then, there were smaller fabric samples.  They were CHEAP!  It looked like a quilters dream.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - fabric small samples

The other fabric shelves were neatly organized and labeled by colors.  It seemed like they were just donated from various people’s supplies and not a business overstock or samples like the other sections.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - fabric rolls

In addition to fabric, there were also sections of ribbons, trim, embroidery floss, and yarn.

Lancaster Creative Reuse - ribbon trim and embroidery floss

Lancaster Creative Reuse -yarn

There was a nice little supply of cards.

Lancaster Creative Reuse -cards

And, last but definitely not least in my book, was the room of scrapbooking supplies.  It was wonderful!!

Lancaster Creative Reuse -scrapbooking supplies2

It was so neatly organized; it was almost like shopping in the sections of the craft store.

Lancaster Creative Reuse -scrapbooking supplies

I’m sure I could have bought many more supplies, but I limited myself to just this pack of Creative Memories rick rack for $2.

Lancaster Creative Reuse -scrapbooking purchase

Overall, Lancaster Creative Reuse was a fun store.  It will definitely be in my thrifting rounds.  If you are from Lancaster, I highly recommend it.  And, if you are not in Lancaster, I recommend checking out one near you.  There were several kids having fun at the open craft table, so I didn’t get any pictures of it because I didn’t want to seem like more of a weirdo than I already did taking pictures of the various sections in the store.  The kids looked like they were having plenty of fun crafting.

Have you been to Lancaster Creative Reuse, or a reuse store in your area?  What’s your favorite items to search for?

This is not a sponsored post.   Lancaster Creative Reuse has no idea who I am, but I did ask permission to take pictures and blog about their store, because I wanted to share my experience and they were happy to hear that.



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      Leslie says

      I’m so happy there is one near you too!!! It’s a great supply resource. And yes we just need more time so we can actually get to all the projects!! :)


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