Extra {Pretty} Easter Seating

We only had one folding chair in our house, and it looked like this:

Folding Chair Makeover - blue chair Before

This chair was from before I bought a step ladder and would frequently use it to paint!  Needless to say, when we have family over, it was not my go-to chair for extra seating.  Somehow we have always had plenty of chairs, just by pulling them from other areas of the house, even if we had 16 people for dinner….I guess that’s why Bob had me on “chair buying probation.”  I just love chairs and giving them a new look.  So, when I saw these folding chairs at Goodwill, I really wanted them.

Folding Chair Makeover - Before

They were $4.97 each and I questioned the purchase, so I didn’t buy them.  But, when I told Bob about them and that I thought they would be nice for extra seating for big family dinners, he agreed it was a good idea.  So, I rushed back to Goodwill the next day and bought them.  I was so happy they were still there, because in my head they already had a pretty new look.  And, I have to say that they turned out even better than I imagined.

Folding Chair Makeover - Before and After

Since I was getting the paint out, I decided to give that old blue chair a fresh coat too.

Folding Chair makeover - blue before and after logo

For the blue one, I did sand it a bit first just to get the paint drips a little smoother.  For the padded chairs, I had to remove the cushions first. This was easily done by unscrewing a few screws on the back of the chair and under the seat.

Folding Chair Makeover - chair back screws

Folding Chair Makeover - chair seat screws

I was left with just the metal chairs.  I set them up outdoors on my drop cloth and boards.  This is my spray paint “shop.”  I’m sure the neighbors love it!! 😉

Folding Chair Makeover - chairs ready to be painted

I used my favorite paint, Rustoleum Heirloom White.  I had a few cans in my supplies already.

Folding Chair Makeover - chairs with one coat paint

That was after one coat of paint.  It took several coats.  I also flipped the chairs over and painted underneath, and then I half-way unfolded them so that I could get in all the creases.  Overall, I used about 4 cans of paint on the 3 chairs.  For the ones with cushions, I didn’t really cover the area where the cushions would be.  In between painting the chairs, I worked on the cushions inside.

Folding Chair Makeover - cushions before

They were nasty!  I flipped them over so that I could get the staples out.  I didn’t have to work too hard.  There was enough extra fabric to grab a hold of and just rip it off.  The staples were pretty shallow ones, so they ripped right out of the fabric.

Folding Chair Makeover - cushions before from back

After the nasty fabric was off, I used the cushions as my pattern to cut out the new pretty fabric.  I laid the fabric on the dining room table and just arranged the cushions to minimize my fabric use.   I think I have enough to make a pillow at some point.  Sorry for the slight glare…it was one of the first pretty sunny Spring days.

Folding Chair Makeover - laying out cushions on new fabric

I left about an inch or two the whole way around each cushion so that I had room to pull and staple it to the back.

Folding Chair Makeover - cut out new fabric

Now, it was time to staple.  I usually follow the same 4 steps.  Put a couple staples in one side, and then do the same on the opposite side.  Third step is to staple the other 2 sides.  Finally, staple the corners.  Corners vary for me.  With this one, I was able to do most of the gathering from the back and not have a seam, so that is what I did.  After I had it secured the whole way around, I went back around all sides and stapled more in between my original staples.

Folding Chair Makeover - 4 step chair reupholstery

After it was all stapled, it looked like this.

Folding Chair Makeover -stapled all around not trimmed

Then, I just took my scissors and trimmed the excess fabric.

Folding Chair Makeover -stapled all sides

The back cushion was a different method of attack.  The back is curved, so when I tried to staple from opposite sides, it didn’t work well.  It pulled the fabric.  I also ran into the issue that the back was so thin my staples were poking through the fabric. So, the backs got a layer of batting applied underneath the fabric and that prevented the staples from poking through.  I ended up just stapling in one direction the whole way around so that I could keep the fabric and batting smooth.

Folding Chair Makeover - chair back with batten and fabric attached

I trimmed all the excess after I had everything stapled.

Folding Chair Makeover - chair back with batten and fabric trimmed

Flipped it over and was pleased with the result.

Folding Chair Makeover - chair back with fabric finished

I might be slightly in love with this fabric print!!

After adequate drying time, I reattached the cushions using the same screws.

Folding Chair Makeover - After painting and fabric

I can’t wait to use these chairs at our Easter dinner.

Folding Chair Makeover - After fabric close up

And, I won’t have an embarrassing blue chair either.  I have a simple creamy white folding chair that will coordinate with all of our other chairs.

Folding Chair Makeover - blue chair after

Do you host large family gatherings?  What do you use for extra seating?

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    Those look so great.. and folding chairs don’t count towards your ‘chair hoarding collection’ since they fold up! That means they practically take up zero space.. right!? 😀

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    I love what you have done with these chairs! We have ugly black ones and I have a stash of fabric. Gonna do this today…As soon as I get back from taking mom to the Dr’s. Thanks Leslie!


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