Icy Winter Landscape

icy winter landscape collage - puddys house

This week Winter has shown Lancaster that it is still in full swing.  We had snow early in the week and then mid-week we were hit with an ice storm.  The ice fascinates me…as long as I am safely at home with no where to go.  I was fortunate to be at home on a work delay the morning of the ice, so I captured a few pictures of the ice blanketing our landscape.

winter landscape - icy crape myrtle

The crape myrtle looked so sad from a distance.  But, up close it was so pretty.

winter landscape - icy crape myrtle berries up close

winter landscape - icy crape myrtle berries up close2

Fortunately, as soon as the ice melted, it bounced right back to its normal shape.  Below is our burning bush.

winter landscape - icy fire bush close up

Our trees faired pretty well, and I think it was because they are still young without big, heavy branches.

winter landscape - maple tree

The little cypress bushes amazed me when I looked at them up close.

winter landscape -icy golden cypress2

The branches are normally so wispy, but the ice encapsulated them.

winter landscape -icy golden cypress

Like I said, we were very fortunate without any damage, but I know there are many people in our area dealing with downed trees.  Some people still don’t have power.   I feel badly that they have suffered so much from the storm. We lost power for a few hours, but that was it.

How has Winter been treating you?





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